Overseas Student Programme - Study Tours

Financial Matters

Details of the trip itineraries are updated at www.rpi.sg. An estimated costing is also provided for your reference. RP subsidizes part of some study trips. The subsidies vary across different overseas student programmes.

Overhead cost may be reduced if an optimum traveling size is met. This will transcend to students paying lower sum for the cost of trip. Any extra payment will be refunded to the student’s bank account after the study trip.  

Interested students who are under financial constraints can apply for financial assistance schemes.

Useful Financial assistance scheme includes

  • Subsidy from RP
  • Overseas Student Programme (OSP) loan
  • Personal loan from financial institutions such as NTUC Income Loan, Citibank or Ezycash at Singpost

Students who wish to apply for financial assistance scheme should sign up at least 2 months ahead of the departure date. Check www.rpi.sg for available financial assistance schemes. Terms and conditions apply. 

Financial Matters: Subsidy from RP

In order to relieve the financial burden brought about by the cost of such trips to overseas countries and making sure that students are not deprived of such opportunities, Republic Polytechnic (RP) is providing a 40% subsidy (cap at a maximum of $750) of the total cost incurred per participant.

The subsidy provided by RP aims to cover:

  • the cost of airfare and accommodation traveling to the destination
  • the training cost charged by the hosting companies/universities/training centre

The maximum number of participants per trip who can be granted with the subsidy is capped at 30.

Eligibility Criteria

  • RP student pursuing full time diploma programme with Republic Polytechnic
  • Student MUST be a Singapore Passport holder
  • Each student is entitled to receive the subsidy only once for study tours

Mandatory requirement from student who opt to enjoy this subsidy

Each student will have to submit a trip report detailing the key learning points of the trip, in particular the training sessions that were conducted during the trip. Participants will also be called upon to present their trip report to the polytechnic. Details of the report structure shall be given to the student at the pre-departure briefing.

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